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Fairways 911 m²

The design project of a living room villa with two zones offers a unique combination of elegance and comfort. One of the main details in this living room is a marble coffee table, which attracts attention with its sophistication and luxury.
The designers also decided to use a sofa from the famous Minotti brand. This sofa has become not only a functional element of the living room, but also a source of style and luxury. It offers excellent comfort, while its design emphasizes the elegance of the entire space.
The overall color scheme of the living room villa can be kept understated and neutral to create an elegant and understated look. The use of delicate shades and natural materials will create a harmonious balance, and the marble coffee table will become the center of attention and create a feeling of luxury.
Color scheme
In addition to these elements, the villa is equipped with a piano, which has become a real gem of the living room. This musical detail adds additional charm and personality to the space, creating an atmosphere of comfort and elegance.
The main priority in this project is to combine functionality with aesthetic aspects. The two zones in the living room will coexist harmoniously, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and elegance.
The interior of this room is made in a modern style with Japanese motifs with an emphasis on the baby blue color. The colors of Baby blue in the interior helps to create a noble, aristocratic atmosphere. It has the property of visually cooling the room and at the same time looks rich.
Fairways master bedroom