We dreams into reality

Omniyat One at Palm Jumeirah, 300 m2

Material mood board
To create this space we used natural materials such as breeze blocks, wood, rock, tented glass, oliver tree, fabric, and leather. Breeze blocks have many positive properties because of which we chose this materials.
One of their main advantages is strength and durability. Breeze blocks are also distinguished by good sound insulation properties, which allows you to create a quiet and cosy atmosphere.
Omniyat One at Palm Jumeirah
The main ocusses in this space are on the use of marble, wood and metal. These materials add luxury, elegance and funcsionality to the design.
Marble is used for the countertop. It gives the kitchen a luxurious look and creates durable surfaces for cooking. Marble also has the ability to cool, which makes it deal for use in a home bakery.
The kitchen
Master bedroom
During the creations of this project, we also used a variety of natural materials. These materials not only give exclusivity and luxury, but are also environmentally friendly and have a beneficial effect on people’s health.
They perfectly blend together with each other, strengthening the main ideas and concept of our project. They give a feeling of elegance, natural beauty and durability, adding a special charm to the interior.
The interior solution of the room is called phytodesign. The basic concept of phytodesign is to bring a particle into the house nature, freshness and tranquility.
The interior is organically complemented by an individual bedside table created by us, which adds a special aesthetics and beauty to it.