We dreams into reality

Sidra 2, Villa 40, 344 m2

The living room
During the creations of this project we used a variety of natural materials, such as wood, fabric and travertine. These materials not only give exclusivity and luxury, but also environmentally friendly and have a beneficial effect on people's health
Sidra 2, Villa 40
We installed a travertine island in the kitchen. This stone is highly durable and resistant to damage, making it great for everyday use in the kitchen. It will create an atmosphere of comfort and a pleasant environment where you can enjoy cooking and spend time with loved ones.
Our goal was to create aesthetic and functional solutions that are beautiful design elements. We paid special attention to details to ensure maximum comfort and coziness in the interior. 
The kitchen
We have designed the space so that any time spent in it is vital, rich and filled with warm noble shades and combinations of natural materials wood, fabric and travertine. With this treatment, the kitchen is not just shiny, but looks like something natural and pristine
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