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Dubai Hills Estate, Sidra 1, villa 417

Dubai Hills Estate, Sidra 1, villa 417
Explore new levels of reality with the opulence of our latest creation at Dubai Hills Estate, Sidra community
This impressive villa is a magnificent piece of architecture and design. The living room is the most spacious and sophisticated room in the house, where we used marble to give it a special chic and luxury.
The color scheme of the living room creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. The living room, decorated with marble, is a real work of art and is designed to become a central meeting place for family and guests. This room has absorbed all the best that modern design and architecture offers, the perfect combination of space, luxury and comfort.
A sumptuous staircase that embodies sheer elegance, crafted with resplendent Armani Grey Marble as its centerpiece. The opulent marble is exquisitely adorned and tinted glass, creating an extravagant sophistication.
Flanking this architectural marvel are meticulously placed bonsai trees, breathing life into the essence of our design. This fusion of lavish materials and organic elements achieves an atmosphere of unparalleled refinement, ensuring an experience that transcends the ordinary