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Dubai Hills Estate, Sidra 1, villa 458

Dubai Hills Estate, Sidra 1, villa 458
Upon entering the villa, the aesthetics continue to impress, reflected in the space and functionality of the state-of-the-art interiors. By playing with the concept of laconicism and elegance, we created an atmosphere of endless peace and comfort. Only first-class materials are used throughout the decor to emphasize luxury and sophistication in every detail.
Each room of the villa is an indispensable masterpiece, but special attention should be paid to the living room, where the beautiful play of light and shadow takes center stage. The private bedrooms are located on the second floor, creating a private space ideally combined with the luxurious views from the windows.
The kitchen in this beautiful villa is truly magical. A kitchen island is not only a functional part, but also a great center of attraction. Its uniqueness is expressed in the use of natural marble, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.
The island becomes not only a place for cooking, but also a wonderful place for gathering, socializing and sharing gastronomic journeys. The kitchen becomes a living example of how architectural and design solutions can merge to create aesthetic delight and practicality.